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Veryberry Story


Veryberry was my first ever experience in creating script fonts. I was absolutely unexperienced in both calligraphy and type design and had to learn on the fly.
It was the first time I used T. Ishikawa Zebra G nib and have been in love with it since then.

It took me about three month from start to finish and I was never happy with the outcome until the very last day before the font was released on Creative Market more than 2 years ago. It was only supported western languages at first but then I’d decided to add cyrillic support as well – Veryberry Pro was released in about a month.

I’m being asked quite often about images I’ve used for Veryberry preview banners. Here is the list:

Here is the main Veryberry OpenType® features in use:


Veryberry was used by Origins Natural Resources in their cosmetics’ branding

Elena Genova